Deutsch lernen im Herzen Europas

Why can’t learning be fun? My-Swiss-Language-Experience is your opportunity to improve your
German skills with captivating lessons and an exciting individualized program! 

And by staying with your teacher’s family you can directly put your new German skills to use!
Learning a language has never been so easy!

What we offer:

Have you always wanted to improve your German? Or would you like to start learning a new language?
We offer a full program of individualized 1-on-1 lessons in the mornings and a broad selection of exciting activities for you to implement your newly learned skills, while also seeing the beautiful Swiss landscape and culture, in the afternoons.
You stay right next door to your teacher’s home and spend lots of time with them and their family. Therefore, you can learn German the quickest and the most fun way: By getting the chance to use it!

Living Situation

You can either reside in a small apartment (2.5 rooms) right next door to the teacher’s home, where the lessons will be held, or move into your own room into their home. Therefore you can always join a family dinner or activity! You will get the chance to speak and listen in as much as you’d like in a German-speaking household. And after a productive day, you can find some peace and quiet in your own apartment or room.

How to start?

Interested? Let us know!
As soon as you get in touch with us, we can answer all of your questions and can start planning your experience.
You will be able to decide how many daily lessons, and how many activity hours you would like to book.
We will put together your individualized plan and calculate the appropriate price.
Upon agreement, you will get our personal information and location.

We are looking forward to seeing you!